Custom Formulation

Let us help you create or improve any formula

Creative Essences offers formulation development services

 for almost any cosmetic, OTC, or liquid supplement products.

Work closely with one of our experienced chemists to turn your ideas into a reality. Click below to see a full list of products we can help you formulate or customize. 

How it Works

1. Speak with a New Client Advisor

Click below to get started and speak with  a new client advisor. We will learn about what you need and explain our processes and pricing.

2. Start Working with a Chemist

Our new client advisor will then connect you with one of our chemists, who will be developing your product to your specifications.

3. Revise and Perfect

After developing the formula, we offer two complimentary revisions if you decide to make any changes or improvements.

Formulation FAQs

How long is the formulation process?
After we source all the ingredients, most formulas take roughly 2 weeks to complete. Please note that this is a general estimate and all products will vary. We can provide a more accurate estimate 

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