About Us

Our Mission isn't just to recognize beauty, taste and scents.....

Our Mission is to seriously cultivate beauty, taste and scents.

Creative Essences Inc (CE) is FDA registered and we follow established good manufacturing practices.

We provide full services in product development and manufacturing. CE guarantees the quality and purity of its products, exceeding FDA manufacturing standards and maintains a record of ideal quality control.

Each finished product batch is tested for purity, integrity, potency, and stability. CE is committed to our customer's satisfaction by providing excellent service and superior products.

Creative Essences currently has the following certifications and/or licensure: 

Food & Drug Administration USA - Registration Drug Establishment
Department of Health Services California - Drug Manufacturing License
Department of Health Services California - Organic Manufacturing License
Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms USA - ATF Alcohol License
    Voluntary US FDA Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices Registration

To Our Customers,

I once said, "Product Development is like composing beautiful music where the chemist is the composer and the final product; the composer’s masterpiece."

This belief and my great passion for the creative process led me to start my own company. With this inspiration and the unwavering support of my husband, Alex Daliva, we opened Creative Essences in July of 2007.

When asked how I came up with the name “Creative Essences” I said it reflects my passion to create from my heart’s desire.

Our continued success and growth are attributed to our awesome crew’s proficiency and commitment to excellence.

Our goal at Creative Essences is to be an integral part of our customer’s success by providing the best possible service and expertise to meet their distinct product needs.

Elvie Daliva